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About us

The Industrial Data Intelligence group is an interdisciplinary team at Softing Industrial that deals exclusively with data-based production optimization. We build on more than 35 years of experience with industrial data communication and data acquisition.

Industrial Analytics

Machine learning drives revolutionary changes in our society. It deals with predictive analysis and enables the optimization of operational processes or industrial production. Our analytics solution uses current methods such as anomaly detection or time series analysis for tracking down outliers and preventing unwanted situations.

We offer decision makers who do not want to transfer their production data to the cloud with our "edge analytics" a secure and time-saving real-time alternative.

Our approach



In our industrial analytics projects, we collect data from automation components and field devices such as PLCs, sensors, actuators and databases as well as from additional sources, such as Production flow or weather data.



Our dataTHINK Analytics solution detects outliers and prevents unwanted situations. It is built on open source as well as on the Industrie 4.0 standard OPC UA and is easy to install.



The result of the production analysis is checked by experts in plant engineering. Only they can judge whether found mathematical relationships actually exist in practice.



If the problem was analyzed and understood, it can be solved by modifying the production. Alternatively, a permanent solution, e.g. for anomaly detection can be installed in the plant.


Frost & Sullivan recognizes Softing with the Enabling Technology Leadership Award 2017.

"Softing recently launched its industrial analytics solution dataTHINK for data-driven production optimization in the plant. Users benefit from dataTHINK because it reliably eliminates unresolved problems and reduces waste. At the same time the performance of the system is optimized. All of which contributes to an increase in sales and more cost efficiency. Find out more about Softing's dataTHINK solution and the award."



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